Quantum SolutionsQuantum Solutions

Established since 1995, Quantum Solutions is an innovative, progressive company dedicated to developing cutting-edge document solutions that are simple, fast and effective.

Although we are solution focused, we aim to make use of the best document processing and management technologies available on the market today. As a result, our solutions tend to be focused around Cardiff TeleForm, InputAccel software, Open Text RightFax.

We provide direct solutions to common problems that companies experience when managing daily delivery, receipt and storage of documents. Our expertise ensures faster and more efficient service to your clients and in turn an increase in productivity and better returns.

As part of our range of services, we are sole distributors for the EvaSys system from Electric Paper. EvaSys is an Enterprise Feedback Management solution for the mass collection of surveys, such as course evaluations in educational and corporate organisations or patient surveys in healthcare.

Our development and integration team, are able to customize applications and solutions based on specific requirements, in order to address the information handling needs of any organization.

Continually keeping up with the latest trends within the market and constantly search for better ways to improve our service, ensure that our products are regularly updated, therefore keeping us ahead and increasing our clients' competitive advantage.

Should you require any additional information on electronic document delivery, document management and lifecycle control, or automated forms and document capture, structured or unstructured, please do not hesitate to contact us.