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EMC Captiva InputAccel

Intelligent document and data capture for the enterprise

EMC Captiva InputAccel enables you to capture information from paper, electronic files, and data sources, whether it is centralized or distributed—transforming it into digital content, and delivering it into back-end systems and content repositories. By helping your business reduce or completely eliminate manual data entry, InputAccel minimizes processing errors, improves data accuracy, and boosts productivity.

With InputAccel, you can leverage a proven enterprise capture platform that scales to handle future business growth. Whether you are capturing a few thousand documents or several million documents per day, InputAccel comes ready to meet your requirements.

EMC Captiva InputAccel for Invoices

Invoice capture and transformation into digital images and business data

EMC Captiva InputAccel for Invoices transforms paper invoices into digital images, enabling invoice data to be automatically extracted, validated, and exported. InputAccel for Invoices helps you speed up invoice processing with fewer people—for less money. Automated invoice capture saves money by reducing administrative errors in the reconciliation process.

By automating invoice data extraction and validation, you’ll also reduce cycle times and shorten invoice retrieval times to seconds, with 99 percent accuracy. By accelerating invoice capture, you gain better visibility into your overall cash management, allowing you to take advantage of early payment discounts that can provide significant cost savings.

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