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As a solutions company focused on Business Process Automation and Electronic Document Management Systems, we have chosen to carry various software products that we believe are not only leaders in their respective fields, but well suited to organizations of all sizes, ranging from SME 's to corporations employing tens of thousands of people.

Captiva’s InputAccel - An electronic data capture system that enables users to capture information from virtually any paper or electronic source and transform it into usable, business ready content and deliver it into a variety of back end systems.
InputAccel for Invoices - A fully customisable invoice capture accounts payable system that transforms paper invoices into digital images from which invoice data is automatically extracted, validated and exported into ERP, accounts payable or other back end systems.
Open Text RightFax - the world's top selling fax server solution, RightFax offers high levels of functionality and performance.
Autonomy TeleForm - One of the world's leading forms processing applications. TeleForm offers superior performance and functionality.
EvaSys Education
Effective evaluation software for education
Whether you want online or paper surveys – with EvaSys Education the choice is yours. From questionnaire design through to automated registration and evaluation, EvaSys Education supports the survey process within education.
The web based platform is suitable for easy use in complex administrations, as well as offering an organisation-wide variety of survey projects to execute and automate. Flexible connectivity allows for seamless interfaces collaboration with other systems.
EvaSys Healthcare
Automated online and paper survey systems for healthcare
Up to date feedback and data are required to ensure quality and for making decisions. Patient and employee surveys can help, however they are difficult to administer.
EvaSys Healthcare is designed to cater to clinical needs. Surveys can be created instantly and the completed questionnaires automatically scanned or collected online, resulting in the immediate availability of reports including quality traffic light alerts.
EvaSys Corporate
Enterprise Feedback Management
Surveys are the tool of choice if you want to measure product and service quality or receive the feedback of your customers and employees. With EvaSys Corporate, paper-based or online surveys can be created instantly and analysed automatically. At the push of a button, it can verify quality standards, create statistical reports and set feedback processes in motion, thereby improving your organisation’s quality standards.
EvaSys Corporate is particularly easy to use within a distributed organisation, as it is a web-based software solution.
Hybrid Capturing Enhancement for TeleForm
eForm Suite doubles the value of your TeleForm Solution by enhancing TeleForm with several functions for the hybrid capturing of paper and eForms both in HTML and PDF format.