RightFax Utility Suite

RightFax Utilities Suite or RUS

A third party software suite developed by Quantum Solutions for RightFax by RightFax Experts, to fill gaps that the RightFax Integration Module, RightFax API and RightFax Exchange / SMTP services do not cater for. It’s also a cost effective way for Archiving Faxes in RightFax, or to extract RightFax- Faxes and History information or Images out of RightFax to a non transactional Database or Network Directory. BI information on RightFax Utilization and Billing provide integral information for companies to help aid in business decisions around RightFax.

RUS works on the latest Version of RightFax and caters for versions 9.3 and up. Developed by Quantum Solutions in the late 90’s and maintained till present to accommodate for any changes in RightFax.
It started out as a RightFax Archiving Solution and separate 3rd party bespoke software services around RightFax, using expert knowledge and RightFax API’s to fill caps that the Email Connector in RightFax could not cater for.

Email Integration

In recent years it expanded to a full-on integration solution for businesses who use already existing email integration with small changes in Subject lines of sent emails from other applications to manifest a fax in RightFax. Thus, it’s a solution for those who find difficulty integrating with RightFax and would favour email integration or simplifying the sending of Documents via Email through RightFax. User restrictions can be applied, RightFax Coversheets can be specified and email bodies can be included or excluded, valid file types of attachments from emails can be specified with rejection or accepted notifications that can be turned off and on per configuration.
It is also utilised for Extracting Faxes from RightFax and sending them as emails with specified email subject lines for workflow purposes, subject lines are specified per RightFax UserID that is enabled for extraction.


The FaxArchiver or archiving components helps businesses to maintain optimal performance of the RightFax server by extracting and removing RightFax- Fax Information, History Information and RightFax Images out of the RightFax Database and Program Directory, Whether Local or Shared Directories are used, either near real-time or scheduled extractions can take place to always have Fax information handy in case of RightFax downtime.
A user friendly Web-application exists and allows users to view extracted RightFax Fax Information, History Information and RightFax Images, securely with full Windows Authentication or RightFax UserID with a FaxArchiver password information.
Administrator Users also manage and set extraction schedules in the same user friendly interface, errors relating to RightFax Extractions are also visible to administrators here.

RightFax Reporting and Billing information Dashboards

RightFax billing to Business units in big corporate companies have become quite the thing in recent years, for companies running RightFax as a centralised fax solution who wish to recovers some fax costs Quantum Solutions have worked on a Business intelligence solution based around SQL Analysis services to provide an itemized bill to such groups or individual users they wish to bill.
Cost comparisons between Telco providers to see where savings can be made.
Telling which fax numbers are sent to the most with costs around that can make decisions on possible integration between corporate and clients easier and savings on Fax Costs can be lowered this way.
With Dashboards around RightFax Channel utilisation, business decisions around decommissioning or adding additional channels are made easier, peak utilization times can be determined so that decisions on none critical faxes can be made, cost saving on number of RightFax channels can be made.
Reports on User activity are available to establish DID number utilisation or which users can be deactivated from the system to make administration and maintenance of the RightFax system less painful.