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Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition
The global market leader in enterprise fax

Fax exists as one of the most common methods for securely exchanging documents across the globe. While email and Web-based technologies continue to grow in their complexity, the practice of sending and receiving faxes remains primarily unchanged. Fax management has, however, evolved from the traditional fax machine to a highly centralized and integrated server solution. Organizations that take a strategic approach to managing their fax infrastructure realize substantial cost savings over maintaining a traditional fleet of fax devices along with the benefits gained from connecting fax communication channels to their core business processes.

Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition (formerly Captaris RightFax) users operate at every level, within every industry, from small organizations to the Fortune 100. Today, Open Text supports more than 20,000 active Fax Server production systems. Thousands of our users have realized hard cost savings through the displacement of traditional fax and document management infrastructure.

Captaris RightFax is the proven market leader in fax server, document delivery and fax software. It delivers the most reliable and robust fax software solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, enabling enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions. By using a RightFax fax server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.

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