EvaSys User Training

EvaSys user training provides clients with the guidance and support they need to get the full potential from EvaSys software. Training is available in addition to the standard training provided when purchasing EvaSys survey automation software.

EvaSys Basic Training

This one day session for the main administrators of the system and is focused on course evaluation. The training takes place at the customer’s location using a login to our training slot and is completely hands on. The training provides an overview of EvaSys automation software and covers the following:

user types and permissions
basic rules and navigation
how to create and design surveys
how to capture feedback and access reports

EvaSys Basic Training- Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment training is for users from various institutions and usually takes place in our offices in London. This follows the content of EvaSys Basic Training though can also be tailored to meet different user needs.
EvaSys Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are designed to provide timely support and advice to customers in their use of EvaSys. They can also be used to guide customers through customisation options with EvaSys. They are usually an hour long and take place over the phone or a web based platform with a member of our support team.

Coaching sessions can be tailored to meet particular requirements, though typically cover the following:

planning & system structure
importing data
questionnaire creation & testing
live surveys
reporting options